Daily Menu 48th

28-31 January 2021

28-31 January 2021

StyleItaliano Official Hands-on Course of anterior, posterior direct and indirect teeth restorations.

Daily Menu 48th

28-31 January 2021

28-31 January 2021

StyleItaliano Official Hands-on Course of anterior, posterior direct and indirect teeth restorations.
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Program details

4 days program where you will learn anteriors,
posteriorsdirect and indirect. This course is full of hands-on and taught in English.

4 days program where you will learn anteriors,
posteriorsdirect and indirect. This course is full of hands-on and taught in English.

Learn how to simplify
your daily work:

Direct Anterior

Class III, IV and V

Shade selection, Margin and cavity preparation, stratification technique, intraoperatory corrections, use of single shade, dual shade and multiple shades. Simplification for success.

Proximal and cervical cavities construction step-by-step success protocol. Precision and shape for daily dentistry.

Shape Modification and


Personal history on distema restoration and shape modifications, disadvantages of classical techniques and how the new proposals fulfill all clinical requirements for exellence.

Step-by-step for an accurate diastema restoration with perfect contours and strong contact point with the new “Essential Shape” finishing and polishing protocol.

Guidelines for perfect color matching

Never miss a color again! Find out the secret of colour guidelines for the perfect color matching, opacity analysis of materials , how to do a personalized shade guide and how to apply them to the clinical workflow.

Corrections, Manteinance and composite longevity

28 years of experience doing the best composites and how composite can change your vision in dentistry even when doing prosthodontics and mouth rehabilitations. How to keep them healthy in time and how to make them “last forever”

Technique for doing an advanced correction on a previously restored tooth.

Direct Posterior

Class I and II, Caries removal and Cavity preparation

Direct restorations class I and class II, Caries removal, cavity preparation, material selection, and tips to long lasting beautiful restorations. Modeling techniques from the past to the present. Introduction to essential lines.

Essential lines

Interactive lecture with Hands-on over an innovative educational method of posterior anatomy that will change the way you work on posteriors.


Bases of bonding and adhesive dentistry

Bonding science applied to the real clinic. Adhesives classification and choosing the right one for long last bonding in clinic. Trouble shooting in adhesive dentistry, how to avoid sensitivity and adhesive failures. The science behind the daily restoration.

Isolation and Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam

Ever wondered how to use the rubber dam everyday, in every single case. A strategy for placing the rubber dam in less than 2 minutes and making it look extremely clean and professional.

Isolation and Photography

Exercise in couples on how to isolate an anterior quadrant and a posterior quadrant.
Quick tips on how to set-up your camera
to get congress picture every time. Once you have finished, you will be able to take yourself a picture of it.

Learn directly from Style Italiano founders

Our Daily Menu courses are full days program that comprehends anteriors posteriors, direct and indirect, thought in English by founders Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano together with Jordi Manauta and Anna Salat.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendace!

What participants have said about us..

Will change the way I’ll practice. Finally know how to close diastema. Finally know why composite look “grey”. Know how to prep overlay. Figure out how to do class IV. Better idea what cement to use to cement veneer and overlay."

Dr LeungDaily Menu Course

It includes many details that we need clinically and we learned many techniques and tricks to overcome some problems that we meet during practice."

Dr ElkabbanyDaily Menu Course
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This time we will be in Milan, world's fashion and the design capital, good for shopping, art museum and entertainment.

See you in January 2021!


Payments and Covid-19 info

Refund Policy

For the courses still under COVID emergency in 2020 (updating to 2021 if still widely diffuse),

A OPT-IN quote of 400€ should be paid for open and guarantee a seat. An invoice will be issue, tax deductible.

Then if for any reason determined by third parties (air companies or Government or Doctor) we’ll refund the quote (only via Paypal):
A documentation of flight cancellation, government issue or doctor health certification should be sent to us as proof to confirm the refund. And any cancellation need to be submitted at least 24hr before the course start. Without evidence no refund will be issue. Instead, a 400€ voucher will be issue good to redeem a in-person course or and online course (valid 12 months).
Of course, if will be an Italian restriction, we’ll refund you the OPT-IN quote. No other refund will be taken in consideration.
Before accommodation, contact us, we suggest you the hotel that will guarantee the cancellation without any fee.

For those who already paid the OPT-IN quote ( €400 deposit) for a cancelled course:

We’re giving a 12 months extension to validate the deposit, booking a new date from our calendar.
We let you maintain the early bird discount if the balance will be close within the original course booked. For instance who had booked for September 2020 and is moving to May 2021 in Milan will access the course with the same fee, which means 300€ in saving, closing the balance prior September 14th.

For who had paid the full course

In case of last minute international travel ban or quarantine: If one of the two countries (your country and Italy) will issue a ban or a quarantine request, we’ll consider two option to recover your payment and participation:
1. Reschedule a new date within 12 months (see the calendar in attachment ). Your early bird discount will be maintained and no extra charge will be request upon location change.
2. Refund you the balance payment. In that case deposit will not be refunded and you’ll loose early bird discount.

VERY IMPORTANT: We ask you to inform us asap if something is occurring, or the terms are not eligible. A proof of airline cancellation or a Government Issue or a Doctor health certification is required to take in charge your request of refund or postponement.

Terms of Payments

Deposit + Balance : After deposit payment, you’ll receive an email with details for balance payment. Balance payment of FULL PRICE ticket is possible up to the first day course onsite (any discount will not be applied).

*PayPal available only for deposit.

*If you need a VISA permit, check the Visa permit rules.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Reservation cancellation must be requested via email 60 days prior to the selected course starts, and an alternative course date change (next edition available) will be offered.

Reservation cancellation within the 60 day before the course are not refundable*.

Full refund is not available.

*If you need a VISA permit, check the Visa permit rules.

Visa Permit Rules

Deposit + Balance : After deposit payment, If you need to apply for a Visa, your balance payment will be held until your VISA application is confirmed.

*PayPal available only for deposit.

Cancellation/Refund Deposit (for Visa Application)

Reservation cancellation must be requested via email 10 days prior to the selected course starts, and an alternative course date change (next edition available) will be offered.

Reservation cancellation within the 10 day before the course are not refundable.

Price includes & does NOT include

Price Includes

4 days course
Attendance Certificate
Coffee Break Buffet
Dinner party with participants and lectures

Price does NOT Include

Personal Expenses

Find all useful information on local accomodation and transportation here.

COVID-19 safety measures

The safety of our delegates, and their loved ones, is our priority.

We did little changes and took new measures following the indications by Italian government:

masks have to be worn inside
Hand sanitizer available.
limit the number of the participants
bigger location
coffee and snacks served
more breaks

The high value program and our personal commitment will never change.
REMEMBER: If you do not feel well, refrain yourself from attending the course.

If you have a valid VAT number for European Union transactions (VIES) please fill the form during check-out.
Need more info? Contact us at educational@styleitaliano.org

€ 2450,00

(Vat 20% Excluded)

Pay only €400 in advance to reserve a seat!

The Deposit of €400 can be paid only via PayPal.


28-31 January 2021
Milan – Italy
+ 50% Hands-on
English Language
Attendance Certificate

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