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Hands-on Kit

Hands on instruments dentist syle italiano
LM Arte Kit Anterior
LM Arte Kit Posterior
Polydentia Ring
3M Sof-lex Discs and Spiral
Smileline Komet Burs
Smileline Komet Burs “Finishing Style”
Smileline Compo-brush set
In-Person Courses Instruments

Hands-on Kit

This box can exclusively be used at our Restorative Courses, the whole kit is not available for sale. It includes:

1 LM ARTE Kit Anterior

LM-Arte instruments are especially designed for composite layering. Each instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function..

LM arte anterior style italiano

2 LM ARTE Kit Posterior

Posterior version of the popular Misura instrument is designed for vertical measuring of thickness of composite layers..

LM Arte Kit Posterior

3 3M Sof-Lex Discs and Spiral

To finish the finishing and polishing process and give to the composite resin a natural appearance of enamel gloss..

3m sof-lex style italiano

4 Polydentia Rings

This rings allows a stronger contact area between the matrix and the tooth, better is the contact..

56 Intensiv burs

3 New Styleitaliano Burs Kits diretto, indiretto and finale to work perfectly on the composite...

StyleItaliano Intensiv burs kits style italiano

7 Compo-Brush

Two brushes powered by Smileline. We give you Anteriors flat brush and Posterior..

compo brush style italiano

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We will teach you how to use these instruments at our Restorative courses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to use these instruments directly from Dr. Devoto, Prof. Putignano and Dr. Manauta. In addition, we will teach you the techniques developed over the years by Styleitaliano to become an expert in anterior and posterior.