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We will give you the Essential Lines card if you attend the course.

How to become a master in Posterior?

Essential Lines Technique

Essential Lines is a tip to help you shape the occlusal anatomy altogether without missing proportions or valuable information, which is drawn into the tooth.

"Essential Lines" is a clinical case written by Dr Giuseppe Chiodera
Essential Lines Techniques style italiano chiodera
Angelo Putignano Circle dentist style italiano
Prof. Angelo Putignano will teach you Essential Lines in the Daily menu course, don’t miss the opportunity to learn it from the best.

How to become a master in Anterior?

Class IV

These are just some topics of Anterior direct Class IV that we will teach you and there will also be many hands-ons:

  • Shade selection
  • Margin and cavity preparation
  • Stratification technique
  • Intraoperative corrections
  • Use of single shade
  • ..

You can find the complete program description in the card of the specific course you have chosen.

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class IV restorations OSAMA SHAALAN style italiano


jordi manauta style italiano lm solo material composite


class IV restorations OSAMA SHAALAN style italiano


jordi manauta style italiano


class IV restorations OSAMA SHAALAN style italiano


"Reinforcing aesthetics and structure" by Dr Manauta
"Making class IV restorations predictable" by Dr Shaalan
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how to do a perfect isolation?

Rubber Dam application

Different application techniques can be used. Its usage is individually tailored depending on the case.

  •  You can either place the latex first
  •  Or can use the clamp first
  •  Or you can place the rubber dam and the clamp at the same time

Isolation of a single tooth can be done in an endodontic treatment or when treating a class I. Isolation of three or more teeth has to be done when treating a class II. In our courses we explain all the secrets of how to do this.

"Daily use of the rubber dam" by Dr Segatto
"Four levels of Inversion for rubber dam isolation" by Dr Lazar

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DailyMenu 2.0 Advance Program

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This topic is teach in the advance DailyMenu 2.0 course

How to eliminate White Spots?

Bleach, Infiltrate and Restore

The Infiltration technique has been widely proven to eliminate unaesthetic enamel spots, if the depth is correctly evaluated and the indications followed correctly; in other words, in deep lesions infiltration will not be very effective alone.

"Bleach, infiltrate and restore" by Dr Jordi Manauta

How to improve the aesthetic of the patient ?

Porcelain laminateVeneer

Porcelain laminate veneers is a dental treatment that improves normally the esthetic of the patient and allow us to solve some unesthetic problems that can result after an orthodontic treatment or to improve some details that the ortho itself can’t resolve.

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